Smokers Will Now Have To Go To The Lung Institute

Several generations had been affected by strategic marketing by the tobacco industry. This has led to many people smoking for nearly their entire lives. Since smoking inevitably damages the lungs, long-term smokers are ending up with serious lung diseases.

The most common disease crippling smokers is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Although it is not initially a deadly disease, it ruins the lives of many patients. Those that were physically active may no longer leave their bed to enjoy their favorite activities. It also leaves employees unable to work and reliant on welfare programs. Resolving this disease would benefit both the comfort of patients and society as a whole.

The Lung Institute has successfully treated patients to the level that they are nearly cured. Stem cells have been proven to reverse damage to the lungs, unlike traditional medications given by doctors. Doctors have not been very trustful of stem cell research due to a variety of moral obligations. On the other hand, it may be even more immoral to leave patients without any hope to survive.

The battle to allow stem cells into the mainstream marketplace is occurring worldwide. Biotechnology researchers have deep pockets to influence regulatory agencies, making cheaper treatments disappear. The Lung institute was invited to the International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy. This conference contains the world leaders of alternative stem cell treatments.

Jack Coleman had represented the institute by giving numerous speeches about their struggle with research. Taking the audience through the research process, we now understand the issues the company has with American regulatory agents. Many patients are still suffering of what should be trivial diseases thanks to the archaic medical process in the country.

The Lung Institute, based out of Florida, has been helping patients recover from lung problems for years. They have hundreds of testimonials ( that attest to the power of stem cells in a way never expressed before. User testimonials may also be found in the comments of their official Facebook page. Their Twitter page is also useful to keep in touch with exciting stem cell research updates from the company. The Lung Institute has a YouTube channel too!