No Poo, No Problem

The “no poo” Method article states that not shampooing hair (no poo method) has multiple benefits and that it should be practiced by most people. The article describes “no poo” as a theory that uses alternative to normal shampoo such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar. The purpose of using the alternative’s is to clean your hair without damaging it. The author continued to discuss how normal shampoo has a lot of chemicals and many tend to strap the hair of important nutrients.

Next, the article discusses how people tend to be skeptical because they believe without shampooing then their hair would be oily and left feeling gross. Then the article described that breaking the cycle of shampooing does take some time to get use to but usually takes around two to six weeks depending on how often a person shampooed their hair. The article ended with natural ways to treat dandruff since most people treat it with shampoo. For example, the article suggested using coconut oil, tee tree oil or lemon juice.

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Wen is a hair care line created by Chaz Dean, a former colorist, who gained success while working in Beverly Hills. Wen offers products that cleanse, boost, style and treat hair to ensure healthy and beautiful hair. The Wen product line includes natural ingredients like Rosemary extract and Wild Cherry Bark. Along with offering different formulas ranging from Sweet Almond Mint to Lavender. Each product has three or four steps involved which makes the product easy for anybody to use. Overall, Wen’s products are safe and can be used on any hair type.

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