Reaching for the less fortunate in humanity


The current society is devoid of compassion and love. People suffer right in front of the gates, yet no one takes a keen interest to understand the cause. There is little love in the world today. Some of the people in the society have been left to carry their crosses. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

In the 20th century, women were left to suffer on their own. Because there was no one to stand for them, they took the position of second-class citizens. Currently, the women have a better life because of the individuals that stood up for them.

The refugees, the immigrants, people living with disabilities among other minority groups are undergoing a similar suffering in the hands of the majority. Organizations have come up to support their own. They have come up to ensure that people are empowered, and they have a chance in the current society.

The experience of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are among the people who have had their human rights violated. Having exposed the rot that was going on in the state, the journalists got arrested unlawfully and without any trial.

Their rights for trial were violated by the individual who had the powers to do so. The experience was not pleasant to both Jim and Michael. After receiving a compensation of $3.75 million, the journalists used the money to support the different organizations that fought against the violation of human rights.

The High Road for Human Rights

The High Road for Human Rights is an organization that does not directly fight for the course of human rights, but it educates people on their rights and the extent to which they can allow them to be used. The organization has branches in several countries across the world where the laws of the specific countries are used to educate the people.

The target group for this organization is the minority whose rights are getting violated every time. Since different countries have different rights, the group helps people to understand their rights according to the requirements of the country.

The human rights campaign

The stigmatization of the LGBT groups reduced their effectiveness in everything they did. The groups could not come out openly and live their lives freely because of the fear of the society.

The view that the world has to the LBGT groups is strong, and the likelihood of it going away soon is slim to nil. Thousands of people have lost their lives through suicide because they could not take the pressure that comes with being the minority.

The human rights campaign stood up for the group. Being among the oldest organizations to stand up for the minority, the group has saved millions of lives through their active support. Their battles have been taken to the streets; others have been fought in the courts as the rest have been fought through conviction.

More people from the LGBT groups have come out openly and declared their state without fear of stigmatization. More people in the minority are now happier with their states.

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