Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer Luiz Carlos Trabuco Knows The Brazilian Banking Business

Bradesco is a big Brazilian bank. In fact, Bradesco could move to the top of the private banking industry in Brazil while Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO. Trabuco has all the right ingredients. He’s been a banker for 40 years. He got his start in banking after earning a philosophy degree from the University of São Paulo. The 56-year-old executive knows what every job in the banking business entails because he has experience in all of those jobs.

Trabuco is a CEO who rose from the ranks. He had to prove he had what it takes because he didn’t earn a finance or accounting degree. So Trabuco did what any intelligent future bank CEO would do. He let his work ethic speak for him. And that work ethic is the inspiration for all the members of the Bradesco team today.

The banking business in Brazil is not the same as the banking business in the United States. The Brazilian government owns one of the largest banks in the country, and that makes the playing field a little uneven. But in spite of an uneven playing field, Bradesco is able to generate more profit and gain more respect, than the federal banks like Caixa Econômica Federal. The bank of choice in Brazil is Banco Itaú because it is one of the world’s major banks, and it is the largest financial institution in Latin America. But even though Banco Itaú is a world class bank, Bradesco does more for the Brazil in terms of social-economic programs.

Bradesco is an environmentally friendly bank that participates in programs like the Brazilian Green House Emissions Program, Global Compact, Companies for Climate Change and the Carbon Disclosure Program. The bank’s 2017 educational program will help more than 104,000 children get the basic education they need to get and keep a job in Brazil.

The extensive Bradesco customer service network is another plus for the bank. There are more than 5,000 bank branches around the country and 3,900 service points. The bank has more than 990 operating ATMs in bank branches. There are 38,000 express customer service points with 36,000 Bradesco ATMs, and there are 24,000 24-our ATMs in operation. Bradesco employs more than 105,000 people. The bank invests in training and education for all employees who want to participate in the bank’s development programs.

Banks in Brazil make more money than banks in other countries. Economic trends and government policies help Brazilian banks. Plus, the interest rates in Brazil are higher than interest rates in other countries. That is one reason Brazilians have a pay-as-you-go mentality. Even though interest rates are lower than they were two years ago, the banks are still cautious when it comes to lending money. Bradesco and other banks make more money on bonds than loans, according to Trabuco.

Michel Temer, the new president of Brazil, is trying to find ways to cut debt. One solution is taxing bank profits at a higher rate. The banks don’t like that idea, but the government policy of selling bonds that increase payouts when interest rates rise is a program the banks like. That program protects banks when a recession cripples the country. A good example is the recession that is just coming to an end. Bank profits are better than ever, and bank profits will continue to increase as the country moves forward. The economy is still not moving as fast as the government forecasts, but Trabuco and Bradesco will continue to do what they always do. They contribute to the social and economic well-being of Brazilians, and the bank continues to produce record profits for shareholders.

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One-on-One Interview with Adam Milstein: Executive Partner at Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein, the owner of Hager Pacific Properties, said that he always wanted to acquire higher education in USC and receive an MBA in entrepreneurship. He expounded that many recruiters came to campus for job recruitment before graduation. However, he realized that they did not appreciate his life and knowledge. Additionally, they offered minimum wages compared to undergraduates’ expected earnings. Eventually, Adam began working as a Real Estate Commercial broker and later became an independent real estate investor.


Adam pushes ideas until they become a reality and advises people to consider a do-it-yourself approach when someone else is not willing to do an action. Adam admits that his habit of following up everything as well as being consistent and persistent make him a more efficient entrepreneur. He reveals that he enjoys working and denies ever experiencing a bad day when replying to a question on his worst day.


Adam advises everyone to acknowledge issues personally and be part of the solution. Further, he explained that the strategy that boosted his business was propelled by his self-drive and hard work. According to the real estate developer, the journey to success is long.


Early Life of Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein is a native of Israel but lives in the United States of America. He participates in humanitarian activities, he’s a community leader, and is an active supporter of pro-Jewish education and causes. In 1981, he was accredited an MBA from USC and began a career in commercial real estate in Southern California, two years later.Adam Milstein is a co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also participates in various organization boards such as the Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships.


Alongside his wife, Gila, Adam is the co-founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an organization that offers free books on a monthly basis. The organization also tutors Jewish values to over 15,000 Jewish-American families residing in the United States. The Milsteins run the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, which provides charitable services to organizations. These services aim to strengthen Israeli-American ties as well as the Jewish People

Omar Boraie: the Visionary Investor Who Brought Out the Potential in New Brunswick

When Omar Boraie arrived in New Brunswick about 40 years ago, he found a sleeping town- an underdeveloped and dull. In fact, Boraie admits that he thought that the city was just pathetic. He says that the town was in such a pathetic condition that no activities went on past four in the evening. According to him, the city was dull that it was hard to see anyone strolling around the city after 4.00 P.M.

The Transformational Journey

But unlike those who lived in New Brunswick before him, Omar Boraie so lots of underutilized potential in the city. He had spent time in Europe and had experienced firsthand cities being renovated. Omar Boraie was convinced that just like in those European cities, it was possible to rebuild New Brunswick and regain its lost glory. Since no one seemed to share the same belief as him, he took it upon himself to do the job. The immediate challenge that Omar encountered had to deal with the many doubters who were out to discourage him. He soldiered on all the same.

Commercial Appartments

The pursuit of his dream started with the establishment of Boraie Development, LLC. With the company in place, it was time to set the machinery rolling. He started by acquiring 21 crumbling buildings that all stood on one block and then invested in rebuilding them. Through Boraie Development, Omar started building the first major commercial apartment in the 80s and named it Tower One. The apartment was completed in the 90s. He was later to build Tower Two in 2003, right next to Tower One. Forty years later, now in his old age, Omar Boraie has his office on the eighth floor of one of those buildings.

Residential Apartments

According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie knew that the city would not be revived without a modern residential apartment. He, therefore, led his company in building a 25-story residential apartment, which turned out to be the tallest construction in the city at the time. The apartment had more than 120 housing units, an ample parking space, and several office units. The city was now taking shape. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Despite having accomplished most of his dreams, Omar is not toning down on his transformational agenda. He recently led his company in developing The Aspire. The Aspire is a 17-story residential apartment, sitting at the heart of New Brunswick

More about Boraie Development

Boraie Development, LLC partners with financial institutions in funding its projects. The company is in the advanced stages of laying the ground for the construction of yet another commercial condo along Albany Street. The project will start within a year or so.

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Todd Lubar Talks about his Life

There is a trend with books when it comes to successful people. They say that they get their ideas from reading books and interacting with more knowledgeable people. This is the life that Todd Lubar has lived since he finished school. On a more personal level, Todd says that his greatest desire since he was a child is to become a better version of the person he was yesterday. He recommends a book by David Schwartz called the Magic of Thinking Big. He recommends this book for its ideas on challenging the young people to dream big and at the same time set higher expectations. For people willing to succeed in life, Todd Lubar believes that they should think about themselves in a rounded perspective. Troubles and difficulties are bound to come, but they should not discourage a person from pursuing their goals. These are the words of Todd Lubar.

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar a person wishing to succeed in life should ensure that a culture of open communication and trust prevails in their line of business. According to the real estate expert, he believes that this will allow individuals to express their opinions as well as ideas without the fear of rejection. Todd Lubar says that he has succeeded in this life by surrounding himself with people who allow him to grow professionally. Asked to share an idea that will likely succeed in the coming years, Todd says that there lacks an application that helps people to find houses in the market. He believes a search engine like Google is yet to be introduced in the housing market.

Todd Lubar says that the one moment he made a sour deal, he woke up the next morning with the aim of correcting the mistake, a feat that he managed to rectify at the end of the day. Other than the real estate industry, he is known to make investments in demolition and nightclub industries. On a personal basis, Todd Lubar owns a company called the Legendary Properties. He established this venture in the year 2002 having begun his career in the real estate business in the year 1995.

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Investing In The New Technology

The new generation has exposure, unlike the past generations. The choice of entertainment of this generation is different from other generations because there are diverse options that this generation can choose.

A product must gratify the new generation into the level of their expectation for it to impress them. This shows that there is an existing market for products that are tailor-made to meet the needs of the new generation.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One. He is creating a platform to meet this need. Norman Pattiz’s most popular product is Podcast One. He invests in different celebrities who work with him to promote the product. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Norman Pattiz is an authority in the media industry. Norman has worked with major industry leaders where he gained his expertise in advertising. Norman has worked with the US military as shown from his career history. This puts him ahead in the industry since he has worked in different departments. His exposure to different channels in the media makes him flexible and swift in the advertising media.

The skills and expertise make him able to work with various people. His leadership qualities are evident. He has led different teams and achieved expected results. He is a proactive leader who invests in teamwork. This has enabled Podcast One to be successful.

Norman currently works with Chris Jericho. He is a famous WWE celebrity. Norman Pattiz worked at the WWE. He has contacts that enhance his growth. Podcast One is popular because it creates new programs that are entertaining and amusing. They are currently working on a new program that will bring out the truth about the spiritual world.

The new program will examine the existence of ghosts, vampires, and angels. This will increase viewership that will boost the sales of the Podcast One. Norman Pattiz has also worked as an advertiser of various games such as football and basketball. This enables him to mentor young journalists who are seeking to develop their careers. He has diversified his career and has avoided the mainstream media. This has made his competition minimal. It has enabled him to reach high levels in his career.

Young journalists can learn about the impact of making the right choices career wise from Norman Pattiz. This will improve their career and boost them to new and wider opportunities in their careers.

A young journalist can learn about investing in their careers as a long term goal. Norman Pattiz has invested in his career by creating his brand. A young journalist should look for opportunities to grow their career and develop a brand in the process. This will make them busy after retirement.