Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Tired of Chasing Amazon

Amazon has been without question the number one online retailer in the women’s apparel niche. When you own 20 percent of the sales in a competitive market, you are doing pretty good for yourself. While most of the competition is resigned to playing a secondary role, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been making some serious strides to take over that top position from Amazon. Looking at the Fabletics sales numbers for the last three years, $250 million in sales of active-wear is impressive regardless the niche.


Hudson says that her unique athleisure brand is high-quality and a fresh new look that has women really excited about her brand. There has to be more to the selling process to pull in $250 million in sales, and Hudson says the credit lies in her membership program and a sales process known as reverse showrooming. Looking closely at how the sales process works at Fabletics, we have to begin this journey at the retail stores at the local mall. That is where you will find women of all ages trying on the workout apparel, looking through racks of new active-wear, applying for a free membership, or taking the store’s Lifestyle Quiz.


There is no pressure to buy at the retail stores, that is because Hudson knows that the power in her apparel brand lies in the e-commerce setting. When these same women eventually go to the Fabletics website, one thing that is completely unique for these shoppers is everything that they tried on at the store in the mall is now available in their online shopping cart. That takes a bit of the guesswork out of shopping online, so these women can focus on looking for clothing and loading up the shopping cart. When the size of the items is no longer a concern, women go from buying one piece to see how it looks when it arrives to a half-dozen based on just pricing.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about giving women a new type of shopping experience, and as members to the site these women are getting low pricing, free shipping, and even their own shopping assistant. When you are buying at Amazon, you need to wait until that one piece arrives to try on, they you return it until you finally find the one that fits. With Fabletics, you know how it fits and can focus on the buying experience instead.

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