Scott Rocklage Gives Insights into His LIfe as an Entrepreneur

Dr. Rocklage graduated from the University of California, Berkely with a B.S. in Chemistry, and later on got his Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT where he led the research center of Richard R. Schrock. He is an innovator or co-designer of more than 30 U.S. licenses and has more than 100 associate explored productions.

Dr. Rocklage’s office is located in the Boston, MA. He has worked at 5AM venture management in the capacity of a managing partner for over ten years. Dr. Rocklage started working for the company more than 11 years ago, as a venture partner.

Scott Rocklage has more than three decades of therapeutic services administration involvement with the primary initiative obligations that prompted FDA endorsement of three U.S. New Drug Applications, which are Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin. He has also been involved and in various medication competitors into clinical trials.

Scott Rocklage worked as the chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and as the Chief Executive Officer and president of Nycomed Salutar. Besides, Rocklage has served in several R&D positions at Salutar and Catalytic.

An interview with Scott Rocklage

Dr. Rocklage talks about how he spends his day, saying that he spends a bit of his day studying. He also spends other days working with his group that deals with the organization’s portfolio. Scott then attends the Board gatherings held in various places.

Dr. Scott works in close cooperation with researchers, doctors or business administrators and business people whom he helps with forming their thoughts and creating solutions that fulfill neglected restorative needs. It goes a long way in ensuring improvisation of ways and instruments to prolong life and cure cancer patients. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

Scott was asked during an interview, about his secret as a business person. He noted that remaining consistent with what their business specializes in and not straying too far from their objectives is what makes them successful. That plays a significant role in growing his business.

New Planetarium at Orange Coast College

At Orange Coast Community College, a new educational facility is going to be built for the campus. Within the next two years, a new planetarium will be built which will be available for a number of students and residents to check out. Thanks to a $1 million donation from one of a past college professor, the planetarium will feature and exhibit where people can see exactly how the Earth rotates. The new planetarium is yet another key addition to one of the community college campuses in Orange County. In fact it will be the only planetarium in all of Orange County. As a result, Orange Coast College will have yet another facility which will help enable a number of individuals to further their knowledge of astronomy and enhance their overall education on a regular basis.


There are a number of community colleges in Orange County. One of the community colleges that stands out in the area is Orange Coast Community College. Located in Costa Mesa, Orange Coast College provides students with an educational institution that they can attend in order to prepare for various careers. Students can study a number of majors that will allow them to position themselves for a career in some of the fastest growing fields. When attending this college, students will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities such as clubs and sports. They will also be able to take advantage of a number of facilities such as a recreation center, library and the new planetarium.


Orange Coast Community College has a number of degree and certification programs that students can take advantage of. There are a number of programs in the fields of business, healthcare, science and technology. As a result, a number of students will be in position to get educated in a number of in demand fields by attending Orange Coast College. Attending Orange Coast College provides students with a number of ways to complete courses. They can come to the campus and take their classes in a traditional setting. Students can also complete their courses online as well. This provides them with the ability to complete their certification and degrees in ways that are most convenient for them.


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Igor Cornelsen Does a Favor for Investors

The investment world has two directions that people can go in. They can play it safe or they can become very risky investors. Igor Cornelsen is an investor that presents a middle ground third option where people may take some risk, but they can still have some moderate investors. Igor Cornelsen knows that there is some level of insanity when it comes to investing, and he wants investors to know to about diversification.

He believes that there is a point where investors have to know when they need to pull back on risky investments. Igor Cornelsen believes in diversification, and he informed investors about how they can diversify with Brazilian stocks.

This is something that never crossed the mind of most of investors in America, but anyone that does the research can see the Brazilian stocks will often yield in a higher return on investment than some American stocks. Igor Cornelsen has allowed a lot of people to build a better portfolio.

He could have easily told any investors that were looking for stock opportunities to keep all of their money tied into American stocks, but this will not make sense with the information that he already knows. Cornelsen is aware of just how successful investment portfolios can be designed if you make plans to diversify. There are index funds, stocks, bonds, annuity and money market funds that people can put their money into.

It is all about how well you keep track of your money when you make a decision to become an investor. Igor believes some investors make the mistake of putting everything in the hands of brokers, but this is trouble. People will slowly lose their money because they don’t know where it is going.

The market has been able to help a whole lot of people make better decisions for investing. The marketing is volatile, and it takes a lot of work to build a successful portfolio. There is a need for investors like Igor to help people make better decisions. He is a very important part of the investment industry for people that like increase profits.

California Residents to Get Better Services after Goettl Acquired Walton’s Heating and Air

Goettl Air Conditioning is an HVAC service provider offering excellent services in heating and air conditioning. The firm serves its clients in Tucson, Phoenix, Southern California and Las Vegas. An article published by Glass Door shed light on Goettl’s deal of purchasing Walton’s Heating and Air, an air conditioning firm located out of Southern California. However, the article didn’t disclose the financial details as they remain unknown to the public.

Solidifying Its Presence in California

Purchasing Walton’s Heating and Air means that Goettl will increase its presence in California. The firm already has branch offices in Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix. Goettl is expected to grow the business beyond what Todd Longbrake, the owner of Walton’s Heating and Air could do. According to Longbrake, the firm had reached a plateau stage, and he had nothing more to do to help the business grow.

When Goettl approached Longbrake with a purchase deal, he was reluctant for some time. He only accepted the contract after Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl convinced him with promising remarks. The deal was finalized in mid-2015. Longbrake further states that since signing the deal, the organization has grown significantly. Currently, Longbrake is in charge of sales and also serves as a field supervisor.

According to Ken Goodrich, Mr. Longbrake has become a central part of the company. Although the deal was finalized in 2015, Goodrich took two years to announce the agreement. He states that the delay was as a result of operational and marketing complications within Walton’s Heating and Air. Goodrich wanted to handle all the challenges before announcing the deal publicly. Goettl managed to overcome these challenges due to the value that Goodrich thought the organization would bring to Goettl.

A Similar Family Background

Just like Goettl, Walton’s is a family owned business. This attracted Goodrich to purchasing the firm when it was in its stagnant phase. Mr. Goodrich saw the organization as a platform to grow his company.

With the acquisition, Goettl now boasts of over 306 employees and plans to add 200 more jobs especially in Phoenix and Tucson, where the organization has a large consumer base. As part of their commitment to making Goettl a national brand, Goodrich projects to expand the firm to northern California and Texas in 2018.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl is a market leader in the provision of heating and air conditioning services. The Las Vegas, Nevada-based firm specializes in repair, replacement and maintenance services. Recently, Goettl began providing plumbing and drain services after it acquired The Sunny Plumber.


How Fabletics is competing with Amazon

Currently, almost 20 percent of e-commerce fashion market is controlled by Amazon making it virtually impossible to succeed in fashion. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has changed this narrative. In just three years, Kate Hudson has managed to grow her $250 million worth Fabletics business. It relies on a subscription mechanism to sell clothes to customers. Historically, high-value brands have been defined by the quality of the services or goods and price. However, the recent change in economics shows that this combination doesn’t guarantee success anymore or isn’t competitive enough.


Fabletics does its physical stores different from competitors hence its success. For instance, unlike its counterparts, Fabletics promotes ‘reverse showrooming.’ With showrooming, potential customers browse offline only to purchase items at lower prices elsewhere. Thanks to the unique way Fabletics started out, it has managed to reverse the model. Rather than harmful browsing, they have successfully changed browsing to positive. They could have taken the route of pop-up, but opted for a strategy that makes them dependable, know the local markets better and build strong relationships through events. Thanks to their strategy, almost 50 percent of the customers who walk through their doors are members already. Additionally, an additional 25 percent are turned to members in the store. When customers are shopping and happen to try some clothes, items are added to their shopping cart online.


Fabletics is very much aware that physically and digitally displaying the right content is important and ensures that the brand journey of the customer isn’t destroyed. Relying on online local data preferences implies that physical stores stock items that have a higher likelihood to appeal customers and can be easily tweaked with tastes and trends changes. Moreover, stores are only stocked in relation to the various inputs such as social media sentiments, membership preferences, sales activity in real-time, and store heat mapping data.


The growth of Fabletics has had its own share of challenges. However, it has progressively ventured into new territories with completely new competitors. It’s widespread consumer education, the balance of lifestyle, and customer experience appears to be yielding fruits. According to its Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, the brand has grown successfully by 35 percent in just one year. It is difficult to build a fashion brand without having a well-defined mechanism to compete with Amazon. Fabletics is defining itself using enterprise technology, exclusive product, and data science.

Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer Luiz Carlos Trabuco Knows The Brazilian Banking Business

Bradesco is a big Brazilian bank. In fact, Bradesco could move to the top of the private banking industry in Brazil while Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO. Trabuco has all the right ingredients. He’s been a banker for 40 years. He got his start in banking after earning a philosophy degree from the University of São Paulo. The 56-year-old executive knows what every job in the banking business entails because he has experience in all of those jobs.

Trabuco is a CEO who rose from the ranks. He had to prove he had what it takes because he didn’t earn a finance or accounting degree. So Trabuco did what any intelligent future bank CEO would do. He let his work ethic speak for him. And that work ethic is the inspiration for all the members of the Bradesco team today.

The banking business in Brazil is not the same as the banking business in the United States. The Brazilian government owns one of the largest banks in the country, and that makes the playing field a little uneven. But in spite of an uneven playing field, Bradesco is able to generate more profit and gain more respect, than the federal banks like Caixa Econômica Federal. The bank of choice in Brazil is Banco Itaú because it is one of the world’s major banks, and it is the largest financial institution in Latin America. But even though Banco Itaú is a world class bank, Bradesco does more for the Brazil in terms of social-economic programs.

Bradesco is an environmentally friendly bank that participates in programs like the Brazilian Green House Emissions Program, Global Compact, Companies for Climate Change and the Carbon Disclosure Program. The bank’s 2017 educational program will help more than 104,000 children get the basic education they need to get and keep a job in Brazil.

The extensive Bradesco customer service network is another plus for the bank. There are more than 5,000 bank branches around the country and 3,900 service points. The bank has more than 990 operating ATMs in bank branches. There are 38,000 express customer service points with 36,000 Bradesco ATMs, and there are 24,000 24-our ATMs in operation. Bradesco employs more than 105,000 people. The bank invests in training and education for all employees who want to participate in the bank’s development programs.

Banks in Brazil make more money than banks in other countries. Economic trends and government policies help Brazilian banks. Plus, the interest rates in Brazil are higher than interest rates in other countries. That is one reason Brazilians have a pay-as-you-go mentality. Even though interest rates are lower than they were two years ago, the banks are still cautious when it comes to lending money. Bradesco and other banks make more money on bonds than loans, according to Trabuco.

Michel Temer, the new president of Brazil, is trying to find ways to cut debt. One solution is taxing bank profits at a higher rate. The banks don’t like that idea, but the government policy of selling bonds that increase payouts when interest rates rise is a program the banks like. That program protects banks when a recession cripples the country. A good example is the recession that is just coming to an end. Bank profits are better than ever, and bank profits will continue to increase as the country moves forward. The economy is still not moving as fast as the government forecasts, but Trabuco and Bradesco will continue to do what they always do. They contribute to the social and economic well-being of Brazilians, and the bank continues to produce record profits for shareholders.

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One-on-One Interview with Adam Milstein: Executive Partner at Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein, the owner of Hager Pacific Properties, said that he always wanted to acquire higher education in USC and receive an MBA in entrepreneurship. He expounded that many recruiters came to campus for job recruitment before graduation. However, he realized that they did not appreciate his life and knowledge. Additionally, they offered minimum wages compared to undergraduates’ expected earnings. Eventually, Adam began working as a Real Estate Commercial broker and later became an independent real estate investor.


Adam pushes ideas until they become a reality and advises people to consider a do-it-yourself approach when someone else is not willing to do an action. Adam admits that his habit of following up everything as well as being consistent and persistent make him a more efficient entrepreneur. He reveals that he enjoys working and denies ever experiencing a bad day when replying to a question on his worst day.


Adam advises everyone to acknowledge issues personally and be part of the solution. Further, he explained that the strategy that boosted his business was propelled by his self-drive and hard work. According to the real estate developer, the journey to success is long.


Early Life of Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein is a native of Israel but lives in the United States of America. He participates in humanitarian activities, he’s a community leader, and is an active supporter of pro-Jewish education and causes. In 1981, he was accredited an MBA from USC and began a career in commercial real estate in Southern California, two years later.Adam Milstein is a co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also participates in various organization boards such as the Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships.


Alongside his wife, Gila, Adam is the co-founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an organization that offers free books on a monthly basis. The organization also tutors Jewish values to over 15,000 Jewish-American families residing in the United States. The Milsteins run the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, which provides charitable services to organizations. These services aim to strengthen Israeli-American ties as well as the Jewish People

Adam Milstein – Real Estate Investor

Mr. Adam Milstein is a well-known philanthropist, community leader, and real estate investor from Israel. During Yom Kippur war, Adam Milstein served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and also graduated from Technion Institution in 1978. Afterward, Adam Milstein moves to the United States of America in 1981, where he earned a Master Degree in Business Admiration (MBA) from University of Southern California (USC). After his studies, Adam Milstein got interested in the career of Commercial Real Estate. Currently, he is the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties (HPP), which is a private and commercial real estate company.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder and chairperson of the Israeli and American Council. He is also a board member of several organizations such as StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, Hasbara Fellowships, AISH Los Angeles, and AIPAC National Council. Together with his wife, Gila, Adam co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America Organization, which provides free monthly Hebrew books and teaching of the Jewish values to Israeli-Jewish families who live in the United States of America.

After completing his studies, Adam Milstein was not able to get a well-paying job. In fact, most of the jobs were offering him less pay than what an undergrad student can make. Therefore, he decided to go on his own way. Adam Milstein started as a real estate broker at a commercial level. Things went well with Adam, and he decided to invest in the business of real estate, and that is where the idea of Hager Pacific Properties was conceived.

As a businessperson, Adam believes that you cannot predict how your day will be. It is upon you to make it productive as much as you can. There are a lot of structures that require the acquisition of assets and activities that require proper management. Therefore, Mr. Adam Milstein cannot afford to waste a single day. He also understands that charitable activities can make a day-to-day job more satisfying than we thought. Additionally, Adam Milstein never let go of his ideas. He ensures that each and every idea that is implemented must come to reality.

Omar Boraie: the Visionary Investor Who Brought Out the Potential in New Brunswick

When Omar Boraie arrived in New Brunswick about 40 years ago, he found a sleeping town- an underdeveloped and dull. In fact, Boraie admits that he thought that the city was just pathetic. He says that the town was in such a pathetic condition that no activities went on past four in the evening. According to him, the city was dull that it was hard to see anyone strolling around the city after 4.00 P.M.

The Transformational Journey

But unlike those who lived in New Brunswick before him, Omar Boraie so lots of underutilized potential in the city. He had spent time in Europe and had experienced firsthand cities being renovated. Omar Boraie was convinced that just like in those European cities, it was possible to rebuild New Brunswick and regain its lost glory. Since no one seemed to share the same belief as him, he took it upon himself to do the job. The immediate challenge that Omar encountered had to deal with the many doubters who were out to discourage him. He soldiered on all the same.

Commercial Appartments

The pursuit of his dream started with the establishment of Boraie Development, LLC. With the company in place, it was time to set the machinery rolling. He started by acquiring 21 crumbling buildings that all stood on one block and then invested in rebuilding them. Through Boraie Development, Omar started building the first major commercial apartment in the 80s and named it Tower One. The apartment was completed in the 90s. He was later to build Tower Two in 2003, right next to Tower One. Forty years later, now in his old age, Omar Boraie has his office on the eighth floor of one of those buildings.

Residential Apartments

According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie knew that the city would not be revived without a modern residential apartment. He, therefore, led his company in building a 25-story residential apartment, which turned out to be the tallest construction in the city at the time. The apartment had more than 120 housing units, an ample parking space, and several office units. The city was now taking shape. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Despite having accomplished most of his dreams, Omar is not toning down on his transformational agenda. He recently led his company in developing The Aspire. The Aspire is a 17-story residential apartment, sitting at the heart of New Brunswick

More about Boraie Development

Boraie Development, LLC partners with financial institutions in funding its projects. The company is in the advanced stages of laying the ground for the construction of yet another commercial condo along Albany Street. The project will start within a year or so.

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Karl Heideck Enlightens on Philadelphia’s Lawsuit against Wells Fargo

Karl Heideck gives his thoughts on Wells Fargo lawsuit
Karl Heideck gives his thoughts on Wells Fargo lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Wells Fargo Company in Philadelphia city. The bank is alleged of Fair Housing Act 1968 violation by use of predatory lending that affects mortgage borrowers. The company has denied the allegations claiming that the initiative is fair. The bank has a string of problems. Interesting to note, it’s not yet cleared from last year’s scandal.The bank is accused by the city of steering Hispanic and black borrowers into high-risk loans whose rates are high although they had qualified for low risk and low-interest mortgages. Also, it was accused of making refinancing of the mortgages difficult for the borrowers which forced them to foreclose, unlike fellow white borrowers. Investigations proved that it was twice as likely for black borrowers to get high loan interests, unlike white borrowers. Hispanics could receive risky mortgage loans by 1.7 likelihood. The bank has rendered discriminatory lending for ten years. The city wants the bank to cater for the damages it has caused through its vice.

  1. S Census 2010 shows that with a total of 1.57 million people in Philadelphia, 43 percent are black and 12 percent are Hispanic. The bank’s vice affected the city as crime and vandalism increased and the property lost value in the affected regions. The bank had created a fake customer’s account for bankers to meet its sales goal and it’s suing had been ruled for another scandal.Redlining is a vice by banks that they don’t wish to give loans to certain neighbourhoods. Redlining as a result of racial or ethnic discrimination is illegal but legal for those who don’t meet required standards. The bank claimed that the allegations are unsubstantiated stating that in its 140 years history of service, it has practiced fair lending.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a graduate of Temple University Beasley School of Law with Doctor Honors. He graduated from Swarthmore College with Bachelor of Arts and Literature. Karl Heideck focuses on compliance, risk management, and civil litigation in his legal practices.Karl Heideck is currently an Attorney at Grant and Eisenhower PA law firm. His focus is on fraud cases securities and complex banking litigation.

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